Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lemonade Stand Kit

How fun would it be to give a lemonade stand kit to some kiddies who would adore you for it?  Make this adorable kit with a couple of LD's cuttable files and the new Strawberry Lemonade Stand Kit Printables (which is FREE).
Items needed:

1.  Small plastic cups
2.  Straws
3.  Lemonade mix
4.  Strawberry or lemonade flavored gumballs, jellybeans, taffy or other candy would be cute additions!


1.  Download one of the gift giving baskets from LD.   We used the solid one.  If you don't have a cutting machine, pick up a basket or bucket from the dollar store.
2.  Download the free  Strawberry Lemonade Stand Kit Printables, print, and cut out.
3.  Download several of the elements from the elements from the Strawberry Lemonade collection to use as decor.We used a lot of the lemons from the Strawberry Lemonade Cut Set as well as the strawberry favor holder from the Strawberry Lemonade Cut Project.
4.  Assemble the basket and use the elements from the  Strawberry Lemonade Stand Kit Printables  to add special touches to the cups, straws, signs, and whatever else you are including in your kit.
5.  Cover your lemonade mix
6.  Assemble the LEMONADE pennants from the  Strawberry Lemonade Stand Kit Printables  or use the pennants from the  Strawberry Lemonade Cut Project on a string or ribbon so your kit can have a good size sign. 

6.  Assemble all the goodies together in the basket.

Enjoy the Strawberry Lemonade Stand Kit Printables as a permanent site freebie!  Make sure you get the other items in this kit for only $1-2 now during May Days Dollar Sale!

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