Friday, March 14, 2014

Shop all new product and save more green!

Not everyone gets a chance to fall in love in Paris, but with the new Paris Collection, you will have a chance to fall in love WITH Paris. Shop the new Paris product now and build your own colorful Eiffel Tower.
If you love 3D projects you will love the new Around Our Home Cut Project. With many different landscapings to choose from, you can customize your project to more like your own home or your dream home. Check out Around Our Home.
You know what Monday is?! Yes, it's St. Patrick's Day. Get in the spirit with the new Mean and Grrrreen Product. Monsters not your thing? Shop St. Patrick's Day Product now.
Have you earned your Conscientiously Collection? This enormous collection, valued at $27 can be yours when you spend only $12 (accumulative!) from March 1- 31. See the Conscientiously Collection here.
Save yourself some extra GREEN! Use coupon code: MoreGreenForMe to save 40% of any purchase of $10 or more!

And grab today's FREEBIE! Our Paris Girl is available in Cut It or Graphic and is FREE until Sunday at midnight, MST.

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