Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to cut items in the Kawaii-A-Bunga Bundle without the face

If you love the Kawaii-A-Bunga Cut It Bundle, but don't want to be limited by having the face, it's super easy to eliminate it in just a few simple steps!

1. First, open up your image in Make-the-Cuts. You can either import the image separately, or use the handy Lettering Delights Image Gallery located directly to the left, by just double clicking on the image. I am using the hammer from In the Garage.

2. Go to the lower right-hand corner of Make-the-Cuts and expand the layers menu.
3. Now, some items may be able to just be deleted by x-ing out that particular layer. I x'd out the cheeks and highlight. (Just click the x next to that particular layer).
4. Last if the face is integrated into a particular layer, just click on that layer. Then right-click. Click on Shape Magic in the pop-up menu. And then select "Blackout." Bye-bye face!

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