Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Spooky Treat Boxes

Need a fun party favor or hand out for your kids class? Create these fun and simple Halloween treat boxes from two of our favorite Cut It sets!

Cracker Favor Boxes Cut It Set
Spooky Soiree Party Cut It Set
candy of course!

For the Jack-o-lantern and the Frankenstein, simply cut out the desired crackerbox you want to use and then the face shapes from the Spooky Soiree Party Cut It Set and hair for Frankenstein and the stem and face for the Jack-o-lantern. I glued the stem  on the inside of the cracker box as shown: 
I brought together the box and glue, then I adhered the face pieces to the front.

I followed the same process to create Frankenstein, although I had to size down the hair piece to fit the width of the cracker box base.

Then I added the face embellishments and drew on a scar.
To create the bat box, first open the ear with wings layer from the Spooky Soiree Party Cut It set in Make-the-Cut. Use the shape tool at the top and create a box. Pull it so its wide enough to span the wings, leaving just the ears sticking out. (please ignore the cracker box layer I turned off below for now).
Right click, select shape magic and then the Boolean Join Tool (or Control +U). When the tool box pops open, you will then select B-A Difference remove A from B at the drop down box on the right.

Now bring in your cracker box (or turn on the cracker box layer if you already had it open).
Select both shapes. Right click>shape magic>weld or control W. Now you have your bat crackerbox base. Cut out and form the box, then add embellishments.