Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Sugar Skull Garland

This fun garland is simple to make using our Sugar Skull Masks Cut It Project on sale now for just one dollar during or Monster Sale!!! Cut out the mask as is (after you shrink it up of course) or follow my instructions below using Make-the-Cut to simplify it!
Directions to simply the Sugar Skull Mask Cut It:
Begin by opening up the skull in Make-the-Cut.
Now right click on the skull. Select Shape Magic-->split. And the image should now look like this:
Now the image is broken up by the various shapes. You can now begin deleting the shapes you don't want.
After I get all the excess shapes deleted,I move one circle to the top center and enlarge it by selecting the corner and dragging. You must make sure when you select the corner, that you see the arrows in the corners for resizing. If you do not see those arrows, then simply click on the corner again until you do.
My final image looks like this:
To create the fringe garland beneath my skulls I just used some crepe party streamers and fringed them myself. I began by folding them up accordion style.
Then I just cut the fringe in it by hand and unfolded.

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