Friday, September 27, 2013

See why "Miso" Happy!

Miso happy to introduce the Japanese Yorokobi Collection! With beautiful Japanese influence, the Yorokobi Collection has many beautiful elements to highlight a project or card and make it stand out! Shop the Yorokobi Collection now!
If you love our alphabets and graphics save over 40% when you buy the Japanese Yorokobi Graphics Collection that includes:
If you love our cutting files save over 40% when you buy the Japanese Yorokobi Cut it Bundle that includes:
Only 4 more days to save during Alphabet Dollar Days! Each alphabet is only $1 each!

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Have Ready for your FREEBIE?! Get our Japanese Yorokobi Uchiwa Cut It FREE until Sunday at midnight, MST. Happy Friday!


  1. Adorable stuff! I just put thru my order for the freebie, but there is no file to download. Both files (install & download files) show file size as "0 kb" and clicking either of them gives this result... a new page opens saying:
    I'm sorry, there has been an error!
    File missing on server.

  2. I had the same problem -- 0 kb file size and file is missing on server message when I clicked to download.

  3. That Happens with the friday freebie sometimes ,
    Crafter want what we Like Yesterday lol
    so maybe wait a bit then try again