Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Lunch Box Notes

We want to kick off the Creative Challenge with these cute little Lunch Box Notes! Show your kids that you are thinking about them even when you aren't there by hiding these extra special little notes in their lunches. The fun puns you can create with the Old School images are perfect for new readers! I created these notes using the Old School Collection, but any school file would work, and in fact would just give you more puns to work with.

Simple Match Boxes Cut Its
Old School Collection

I started by using the Simple Match Boxes Cut Its to create my note holder. I kept the matchbox the size it already was and then just sized my notes to fit inside. The notes sized out to 1.85 inches by 2.5 inches. I set up a grid of 16 notes. After the notes were created, I simply printed out, cut apart and placed inside my holder.
School Puns for Old School:
You are the APPLE of my eye.
You are a CUT above the rest!
Do not be ALARMED, this is just a note to say I love you.
Loving you is no MISTAKE!
Thank you for putting the COLOR in my life!
You make the WORLD go round!
The POINT is I love you!
Have a BALL today!
I think I'll keep you AROUND!
BOOK it home after school, because I MISS YOU!
SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: You are the best thing in my life.
Have you seen our new Knit Wits in School Collection?! No monkeying cute would these be as notes?!

More Puns for Knit Wits in School Collection:
Besides adding any of the above as well...
You're CHIMPLY marvellous!
No MONKEYING AROUND today, get your work done and make me proud!
I'm BANANAS over you!
Your a CHIMP off the old Block!
(Jumping rope monkey image) Everytime I think about you, I JUMP for joy!
(Monkey with glue) We always STICK together!
(Monkey with calculator) I CALCULATE that you will have a great day!

Feel free to add more Pun ideas in our comment section too!

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