Friday, June 7, 2013

Get greedy dollar sale starts now!

We've got a few tasty morsels cooking right now. You will want to pick up our new, King of the Grill cut project set. It's full of great gift-giving ideas! And to make it even more delicious? It's part of the Get Greedy Dollar Sale. Get whole sets for only $2!

The Get Greedy Dollar Sale has begun! Time to feast on hundreds of products marked down to only $1-2! Now is the time to stockpile!
Also on sale during the Get Greedy Dollar Sale, get the other King of the Grill products. Everything is priced at $1-2! Go ahead and get your fill!
See the graphics!

See the alphabet!
See the Cut Its!
 See the paper pack!
Need another reason to feast? Save $3 on a $10 purchase with coupon code: gulp. Save $8 on a $20 purchase with coupon code: guzzle.


And don't forget to grab this month's BONUS FREEBIES! Check it out: freebie!

Check out some of the fun Father's Day gifts you can create with the King of the Grill Projects Cut It Set!

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