Friday, November 9, 2012

Put Your Best Face Forward!

Open your own beauty shop with Create-a-Face graphics and cut it sets! It's everything you need to style your own little heads. Try on new hair styles. Add glasses! Then bling it up. The creativity is endless! Not only is it fun for girls, it's the perfect way to make personalized avatars that look like you do.

We embellished our images with product from Retro Camera.Since it's such a perfect addition to your Create-a-Face graphics and cut it sets, we're offering it half price for the rest of the month.

Need the perfect complement to this set? Get your Create-a-Face Folder FREE until Sunday at midnight, MST.


  1. I'm curious what size you cut the folders to create the completed project?

  2. Beautiful faces, stunning! Love the way you use color! More information click on this
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