Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Sugar Skull Skeleton Magnet

Halloween is absolutely my son's favorite holiday, in fact he does all our decorating, so he was super excited when I cut this skeleton magnet out for the fridge.


Sugar Skull Cut It Set
Printable Magnet Paper


The first thing you need to do is separate the bones from the black portion. This can be done one of two ways. If you have Illustrator you can select the entire image, ungroup, and then right click again and select release compound path. Or if you don't have Illustrator, bring the entire image into Make-The-Cut. It should look like this:
Right click, select shape magic, then select break. This will break the entire image into individual pieces. I then deleted the outline portion, so that my skeleton looked like this:
From there, I went ahead and enlarged the whole thing and cut out the pieces. The head and hat were actually done as a print and cut.

With our Make-You-Own-Bundle special still going on, now's a good time to grab the Sugar Skull Cut It Set and stock up on your other favorites!

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