Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Halloween Treat Boxes

Trick or Treat! With this fun gift box, you get both the trick and the treat, a tricky box with a treat inside! Perfect for Halloween parties, class parties, or just do do something special for your child, everyone will love these fun easy to make boxes filled with a tasty surprise!

Thingamabox Cut It Set
Holiday Gift Giving Cut It Set
Itsy Bitsy Cut It Set
Spooky Soiree Cut It Set
Card Stock
And Candy of course!

Directions for the Spider Box:

Begin by cutting out the first Thingamabox Box and cordinating lid. Then I cut out the first spider from the Itsy Bitsy Cut It set as well, cause who doesn't love a spider that wears boots! I went ahead and put together my face and legs. I then put together the bottom half of the box. Last begin attaching legs to the seems of lid as you are gluing together as shown:

When done, go ahead and adhere face to the top of the lid.

Directions for the Bat Box:

Cut out the pillow box from the Holiday Gift Giving Cut It Set. Also cut out the bat from Spooky Soiree Cut It Set. I put together the eyes, then I went ahead and de-winged the bat just using scissors:

Now take and exacto knife and slice through one of the score marks on each side of the pillow box:

Insert the wings as far as they will go in and fold over and glue to the back or inside of the box.

Go ahead and assemble the box. Then adhere the face to the top. Enjoy!

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  1. These are great gifts but can be adapted for an occasion...thanks for the tip.