Thursday, July 19, 2012

LD has 2 new babies!

Your favorite LD employee and Facebook poster, Rani, has been busy cooking up some really amazing surprises!

  1. First she delivered this darling bundle of fun:  Zander Grace.  Zander was born on Tuesday, July 17th.  She weighed a whopping 9 lb 2 oz.  Baby and mom are doing great....
  2. Before delivering Zander, Rani was able to make us a bundle of great new product which you will be enjoying as we celebrate the birth of Zander.  
  3. With a little help from the staff at LD, Rani and her fellow employees gave birth to a new website: Creative Delights.  Creative Delights is our permanent clearance site and dollar store.  You will be seeing some new variations of old product there as well as old favorites that have long since disappeared.
Check out Creative Delights and check out our new set, Itsy Bitsy, which is currently just $1-2 on sale!

And stay tuned for our Thursday Tip and special announcement coming right up....


  1. Congratulations to Zander and Rani, so glad everyone is well!

  2. Congratulations - what a sweetie! The new site looks great too. I hope to pick up a few of the treasures I may have missed in the past.