Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Reward Jar

I decided that my current system of punishment (toys in time-out) was no longer working when. I noticed one day the top of my armoire looked liked it was housing a small toy store. Once upon a time, I used to put a toy in time-out, and he was really good and able to earn that same toy back long before another toy entered time-out. So now that oodles of toys were living on my armoire, I decided on a more positive system, hoping that what would work better would be a simple rewards jar. But first I had to make it look fun right?!

Materials Needed:
Jar (I got this cute one at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2.50, but even a cleaned up food jar would do just great).
ribbons for embellishment
Star Tag from the Holiday Gift Giving Cut It Set
LD Petticoat or another fun font
Fuzz balls

Optional: I used letters from the Pucker Up Collection Cut It sets to make the word Reward, however another fun font would work great here.

Begin by creating your word art using Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape or other digital art program. Since I decided to use letters from the Pucker Up Cut it sets, I used Illustrator and pulled out the various letters to form the word 'Reward.' I used and M and turned it upside down for my W. I used LD Petticoat to write Calvin's Jar, manipulating size and direction again in Illustrator. This could easily be done with almost any digital art program.  I placed my word art on top of my inner stars so that I could just print and cut the inner portion using Make-the-Cut. Then I cut out both that and the tag and adhered together. After that, I simply tied some ribbon around my jar and hung my star, embellishing with more ribbon. Simple, quick, easy and hopefully effective!

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