Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Babysitting Kit

If you have a daughter just starting out babysitting, this kit is not only fun to make, but a great help to those new babysitters! Having a babysitting kit not only ensures that there will always be something for the kids to do, but it also has useful guidelines and information for the babysitter to keep handy.

canvas tote
printable iron-on transfer paper
Harajuku Girls Graphic Set
Babysitting Adventures Graphic Set or Cut It Set
SNF Clarissa Font
LD Hang Ten

To make the kit, we used graphics from both the Harajuku Girls Graphic set and our New Babysitting Adventures Graphics Set. The bold font is LD Hang Ten and our journaling font was SNF Clarissa. We decided we wanted to make both a notebook and a fun tote, so we began by designing a fun front for our tote that we could print on transfer paper and iron onto our bag. It's important to remember to create a mirror-image of your design before you print it on the transfer paper.

Make sure your bag has been ironed and is as wrinkle free as possible before you begin. Then lay your image, image side down and centered onto your bag. Make sure you follow the instructions on your transfer paper, but mine said to set the iron at the highest cotton setting and to iron for 120 seconds. Let your image completely cool before rolling off the backing paper.

Once the bag was done, we needed to decide what things we wanted in our notebook  (i.e. name, address, emergency contacts, allergies, special instructions, tips and tricks, games, and fun songs). And created the pages using fun graphics and fonts. You can see what pages we made here:

I sized the pages down to 4.35 by 5.5 so we could fit 4 to a regular sized sheet of paper and printed out. Then I created an easy folder by cutting out a strip of paper from cardstock that was 6" by 12" if you want to fold in at the sides, or if you want it to fold up from the bottom make it 9" by 8".

When you are all done, put it together, grab some cheap markers and coloring books from the dollar store, throw in some fun stories, and you have a fun kit that is sure to bring happiness not only to the children but will  impress their parents as well!

Don't forget, Dollar Days ends tomorrow at midnight!


  1. These are such cute pages! I am looking for some inspiration to put together something like this - Is it possible to see them a bit larger? I can't really read the font so small.

  2. IS it possible that we can print these pages out for other babysitters to use??

  3. I also would absolutely LOVE a copy of these if you are willing to share. If you have each of these as a full sized copy that would be great, but I'd be happy to get them any way you're willing to share :) My email is eternal8mail at cs dot com.

  4. I too would love a copy of these if you are willing to share we are trying to do babysitting kits with our Young women. I especially love your iron on for the tote bag. If you willing to share my email is I'm also willing to buy if it's available online or through etsy to print. Thanks!

  5. I feel terrible for everyone that commented. I always check recent posts for comments, but I didn't realize I wasn't being notified for older comments. I pulled this post up for a friend to show her for activity days and just saw the comments. The babysitting kit is available here: