Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thursday's Tip: Bored Jar

School's almost out, and are you already worried about what your kid's are going to do this summer? Do you fear being nagged to death by the three little words, "I'm bored, Mom!" Making a go-to jar filled with activities to keep your kids busy it a great way to get yourself and your kids through the summer. Now the great thing about this, is the activities can be anything from doing chores, or something fun like building a fort using blankets and the couch. As soon as you hear those magic words, send your kids to the jar to pull out their next activity!

Simply use any extra jar lying around the house. Decorate it and make it fun and enticing for the kids. We used the No Place Like Home SVG's, because what kid doesn't like snails? ;) Then we tied some fun cordinating ribbon under the lid. Print your activities onto a piece of paper and cut apart into strips. Fold and place them into your jar. We even have some activity ideas to get your started:

Activity Ideas:
Pull Weeds
Dust furniture
Dust base boards
Make Cookies with Mom
Play Hide and Seek
Play a board Game
Ride your bike or scooter
Help Mom with Dinner
Play dress up
Build a Fort
Play a video game
Do 1 chore of Mom's choice
Go for a walk
Go to the park 
Clean your room
Read some books
Make a lemonade stand
Do an art project or craft with Mom
Run through the sprinklers
Make a sock puppet
Go swimming
Invite a friend over
Have a picnic
Play with Bubbles
Play with sidewalk chalk
Water the garden
Clean the bathroom
Take out the Garbage
Help with the dishes
Watch a movie with treats or popcorn
Do a puzzle
Make an obstacle corse
Create a junk model

Have fun, and happy creating!

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