Thursday, September 25, 2014

Birch Tree Shadow Box

Creating fun fall art work is easy with our Shadow Box Cut It Set and birch trees from What Does the Fox Say Cut It set.


Shadow Box Cut It Set
What Does the Fox Say Cut It Set
Simple Leaves Cut It Set
Card stock


Begin by building your shadow box. I used the first image. You will fold down on lines that are multi dash and up on regular dashed lines. It should look like this:
Attach the back side of the frame, by first attaching the side, then gluing the base along all sides of the back.
Build the box insert, and place inside the box.
In Make-the-Cut, bring in the top rectangular frame from the shadow box.
Place the birch trees from the What Does the Fox Say Cut It.
Select both items and right click>shape magic>weld.
Cut out the image and place on top of your frame. For a winter frame stop here. For a fall frame, use the Simple Leaves Cut It Set and cut out some orange and yellow leaves, to add to your picture.

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