Thursday, August 21, 2014

3-D Ninja Turtle Party Invitation with Pizza Box

Get creative for your child's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party and get the invitees excited about the party with these 3-D pizza box invitations!
Materials Used:
Intricate Gift Box Collection Cut Its by Patricia Zapata
Kicks and Giggles Cut It Set
Kicks and Giggles Graphic Set
Turtle Power Alphabet
LD Architect Font
Card stock
foam sticky dots

How to create the pizza box:
I used the Intricate Gift Box bottom and the Diamonds Box Cover from Patricia Zapata's Intricate gift box collection. Begin by importing the lid into Make-the-Cut. Use shortcut  Control + B to break the image. It will release all the shapes. Delete all the extra shapes. Shown below.
Import the box bottom. Align it to the lid so that the bottom score lines of the center of the lid,align the top score lines of the box base.Then center align the two pieces (shortcut V). Should look like image below.
Now select both images and break them (Control B). Then select the two main shapes and weld them (control W). You will delete the extra score marks on the overlap, then select everything and join them (Control J). It should look like this:
Now we are going to size the box so that it fits on a 12" by 12" piece of paper. You can either do this by dragging the corners or you can type in 11.75 inches in the height box at the top.
I sized the pizza from the Kicks and Giggles Cut It to 3.5 inches and then cut it out. I adhered it to the box using the foam sticky dots to give it more dimension. Create your invite on a 3.5 inch square. I used the Kicks and Giggles graphic set , the Turtle Power Alphabet and LD Architect font to create the invite. I tied the entire box with baker's twine and delivered!

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  1. Can you explain how to do this in SIL DE? I do not have MTC and I found your blog and thought this was super cute and bought the files hoping to make the pizza box.
    THANKS :)