Thursday, February 27, 2014

Using Newsprint with your digital Cutter

For many reasons, I love using newsprint in my paper creations and other art.  A. It's a cheap medium B. It's versatile, can be crumpled, torn, toned, etc. and C. It just looks cool!

However, if you have tried to cut newsprint, what makes us love it (its thinness and versatility), can also be a an arduous process when trying to use it with your digital cutter.  Granted it can be done, however its a bit of a process figuring out. Your mat can't be too sticky, but it has to be sticky enough to hold the thin paper down enough while it cuts, then you have to make sure your blade isn't cutting too deep with too much pressure. With the right stickiness, I can cut newsprint best using my zing with my blade at a two and my pressure about 80.

But the easiest and best way to cut newsprint, is to simply glue it to a piece of cardstock. Using a spray adhesive, spray one side of the cardstock and one side of the newsprint. Wait about 10-15 seconds then carefully glue the two pieces together. Then cut what you would normally cut the cardstock at, and it cuts perfectly and beautifully!

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  1. Never thought to try this. Love this idea! Those doggies are so cute!