Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Sew Easy Garland

Create fun, beautiful and "Sew" easy garland using any cuttable image and a sewing machine. Just follow these few easy steps!


Mr. and Mrs. Cut It Set
Repositional Glue Stick
Tissue paper
sewing machine


Begin by cutting out 1 million hearts, x's and o's from the Mr. and Mrs. Cut It Set...just kidding not one million. But however many you think you will need. Cut out stripes of tissue paper, you can attach together so that garland can be however long you want. To help keep garland straight, I drew a straight line on the tissue to help me place the images.
Begin attaching images lightly with repositional glue stick.
Then you can begine stitching a line down the center of the strip.
When you are done, you can easily tear the tissue away and your garland is done!


  1. That's a great tip for keeping all those pieces straight! So smart!