Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday's Tip: Falling Leaf Mobile

The leaves are changing color and finally falling from their branches and nothing says Fall like warm autumn leaves in colors of cinnamon, gold, terra cotta, pumpkin, and shades of olive. This easy to make leaf mobile emulate the character of the season and give your home a piece of stunning decor.


Cardstock or print your own LD Papers
Slender branch
Thread or fishing line
Simple Leaves SVG


1. Begin by using your electronic cutter to cut out multiple leaves from the Simple Leaves SVG. Make sure you cut enough to glue one on each side of the string. Depending on which leaf you use, you may need to flip the design to cut out the other half. (You can cut the leaves by hand as well!)

2. While the leaves are cutting, go ahead and start stringing your thread from the branch. I cut each piece of thread about 36 inches long and tied the branch in the middle. I wanted enough on each end to hang the leaves and then to hang the mobile up.

3. Once the threads are tied to the branch, grab one end of each thread and bring them up together to the middle and you can either tie in a knot or use a larger bead to knot them around, making a loop at the end for hanging.

4. Begin gluing your leaves to the thread, one on each side.

5. Once its dry, hang into place!

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