Thursday, July 7, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking -101

Creating amazing layouts, doesn't have to cost a fortune, take hours, or leave a giant mess for you to clean up in the end! If you are familiar with digital scrapbooking already, you are already familiar with some of these advantages. I've had many customers ask how to break into the digital scrapbook world, so here's what you need to get started:

1. First and formost you need photo or image editing software. Photoshop is probably the most popular, but for those not wanting to break the bank to get it GIMP has a fabulous free program with easy to follow tutorials provided! 

I know many people are intimidated by the programs, but google a few tutorials and you'll be rockin' in no time!

2. A Printer (Make sure you use a resolution of at least 200-300 pixels per inch). If you plan on creating 12 by 12 pages, getting one with that capability is helpful, if not you can always send it to print at Costco, Office Depot or Kinkos and its still cheaper than a traditional scrapbooked page!

3. Paper (I do prefer to get a higher quality paper if I'm going to print my albums at home). Check out this great tip on printer paper!

4. Ink -- unfortunately your greatest expense.

5.  Digital graphics, papers, and fonts! That's were we come in! For just a fraction of the cost, and for product that is completely reusable, you can't go wrong.

You'll soon find creating layouts digitally is just as fun, just as creative and even more versatile than traditional methods. I guarantee you'll be hooked! 

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